VMware Dynamic Environment Manager can generate a report containing information about all the Flex configuration files and user environment settings that have been processed.

Use the reporting feature only to perform troubleshooting and other diagnostics. To activate report generation, create a folder called UEMResult in the same location as the FlexEngine log file. While the folder exists, FlexEngine stores intermediate processing results in the temporary folder of the user. When FlexEngine runs at logout, it uses the intermediate files to generate the report as an XML file in the UEMResult folder.

FlexEngine continues to generate the reports until the UEMResult folder is deleted.

To manually review the intermediate results without logging out, you can use the UEMResult.exe console application located in the VMware Dynamic Environment Manager installation directory.

UEMResult.exe supports two arguments.

Argument Description
-keep The intermediate files are not deleted. If you do not use the -keep argument, all intermediate files are deleted after processing.
-quiet No output appears in the console window. If you do not use the -quiet argument, some information is output to the console window.