Depending on how you installed and configured VMware Dynamic Environment Manager, you can configure computer environment settings using an XML-based approach or a registry-based approach.

XML-Based Configuration

If you installed VMware Dynamic Environment Manager with the COMPENVCONFIGFILEPATH property, you can configure the settings in the table that follows as XML attributes in the FlexRepository\AgentConfiguration\Computer.xml file.

A sample configuration file is available in the download package's Agent Configuration Examples\FlexRepository\AgentConfiguration folder.

This file is a UTF-8-encoded XML file with an explicit UTF-8 BOM. You can create this file by using Notepad and selecting the UTF-8 encoding when saving. The file must have the following basic structure:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
   <setting type="compEnv"

Registry-based Configuration

If you chose to perform the configuration using the registry-based approach, the table that follows lists additional registry values that you can configure in the HKLM\SOFTWARE\VMware, Inc.\VMware UEM\Agent\​Computer Configuration key.

Configuration Settings

Setting Name Registry Value Type Default Notes
LogFileName REG_EXPAND_SZ Location of the log file, specified as a fully qualified UNC path, including the filename.
LogLevel REG_DWORD 2 Log level. 0–4 for DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL, respectively. Defaults to WARN, if a log filename is configured.
AdmxLogging REG_DWORD 0 If a log filename is configured, controls verbose logging to a separate LogFileName-ADMX.log file. To enable, set this value to 1.
MaximumLogFileSize REG_DWORD 0 Specifies the maximum size of the log file in kB. Defaults to 0, indicating no maximum size.
MaxConfigFilePathWait REG_DWORD 30

The amount of time in seconds to wait for the config file path to become available at startup. If the timeout expires, no computer settings are processed. Configuring this setting to 0 deactivates the retry altogether. In this case, no computer settings are processed if the path is not immediately available at startup.

You cannot use this setting for XML-based configuration.

RefreshInterval REG_DWORD 0

If configured, computer environment settings are refreshed starting from when they are applied at computer startup. By default, computer environment settings are refreshed until a user logs in. If ContinueRefreshAfterLogon is set to 1, the settings continue to be refreshed after a user logs in.

The configured interval specifies the amount of time to wait in seconds between those refresh events.

RefreshIntervalOffset REG_DWORD 0 If interval-based refresh is enabled, this setting specifies an optional random component to the interval length. The effective interval is equal to RefreshInterval + Random (1...RefreshIntervalOffset) seconds.
ContinueRefreshAfterLogon REG_DWORD 0 If set to 1 and interval-based refresh is enabled, computer environment settings continue to refresh after a user logs on.
AllowAdmxOverride REG_DWORD 0 If set to 1, ADMX-based computer settings override existing computer registry policy configuration.
Note: Computer accounts rather than user accounts access the file shares that host the configuration folder and the log file. See VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Configuration Share and Profile Archives Share for information about Share permissions and NTFS security permissions.