You install User Environment Manager in NoAD mode by performing unattended installation through a command-line interface.


To install User Environment Manager in NoAD mode, specify the path to the Flex configuration files through the NOADCONFIGFILEPATH MSI property at the time of installation.
msiexec.exe /i "VMware User Environment Manager 9.2 x64.msi" /qn LICENSEFILE="\\filesrv1\share\VMware UEM.lic" /l* InstallUEM.log NOADCONFIGFILEPATH=\\Filesrv\UemConfig$\General


This command inserts the basic NoAD configuration in the HKLM registry hive and enables the NoAD mode.

Note: To disable the NoAD mode, uninstall User Environment Manager, and reinstall without the NOADCONFIGFILEPATH MSI property.