You can change the language and system tray configuration of User Environment Manager Self-Support.

Change the Self-Support Tool Language

User Environment Manager Self-Support can display its user interface in English, German, or Dutch, based on the Display Language setting in Windows. If the configured language is not supported, the UI defaults to English. If you wish to override the language detection mechanism, you can use the /lang argument. For example, if you want to change the language to German, use:

"Flex+ Self-Support.exe" /lang=de

Use /lang=en for English and /lang=nl for Dutch.

Configure System Tray Support

User Environment Manager Self-Support can be configured to appear in the taskbar notification area, also known as the system tray, with the /tray argument:

"Flex+ Self-Support.exe" /tray
Note: On Windows 7 and later, the icon might be hidden. In that case, select Show hidden icons in the notification area and change the configuration for VMware User Environment Manager Self-Support to Show icon and notifications.