A single Flex configuration file can contain different predefined settings, for example, to provide different settings to multiple user groups.

If you want to specify multiple predefined settings, you must define conditions that control whether the entry is applicable for a certain user.

Note: FlexEngine processes the predefined settings in list order, evaluating conditions. The order can be changed using the arrow buttons. If conditions match multiple predefined settings, the last one is used.


  1. Start the User Environment Manager Management Console.
  2. Select the application you want to configure and open the Predefined Settings tab.
  3. Click Add in the bottom right corner of the tab.
    The Create Predefined Setting window appears.
  4. Create or import a predefined setting.
  5. Open the Conditions tab.
  6. Click Add and select a condition.
  7. Configure the condition settings and click OK.
  8. Repeat Step 3 through Step 7 for each additional predefined setting you want to configure.
  9. Click Save.