Configure User Environment Manager to create Profile Cleanup content automatically, based on the settings for retrieving and storing profile information, that are defined in the Import/Export tab.

Note: Windows Common Settings cannot be converted. Application templates can always be converted. In admin-specified Import/Export content only the [IncludeFiles], [IncludeFilesRecursively], [IncludeFolderTrees], [IncludeRegistryTrees], and [IncludeIndividualRegistryValues] sections can be converted.


  1. Start the User Environment Manager Management Console.
  2. Select the application that you want to configure, and open the Profile Cleanup tab.
  3. Click Copy in the top-right corner of the tab.


The Import/Export configuration is transferred in the Profile Cleanup editor.

Note: You can use environment variables in the registry and file system paths of the Import / Export and Profile Cleanup settings. Each line you want to expand must end with \[EXPAND ENV VARS].