If you enter the file path for the configuration share incorrectly, user environment settings are not created, and settings such as drive mappings are not applied.


User environment settings do not appear to be created. User settings, such as drive mappings, are not applied. This problem is related to the initial configuration, so it is apparent immediately after installation and configuration.


When entering the location of the configuration share in the Group Policy Object (or when using the NOADCONFIGFILEPATH MSI property), if you do not configure the path to the folder correctly, issues can occur. The path must end with \General.

If the location of the configuration share is incorrect, text similar to the following appears in the log files:
2017-10-27 17:11:23.294 [WARN ] Found 'General' subfolder in configured 
'Flex Config Files path' '\\server\UEMConfig'. 
It is generally advised to change this setting to '\\server\UEMConfig\General'.


  1. Follow the instructions in "Configure the Flex Configuration Files Setting" in Installing and Configuring VMware User Environment Manager to update the GPO with the configuration share location. Or, reinstall in NoAD mode with the correct file path.
  2. Verify that you have entered the full path to the \General folder.
  3. Verify that you use a UNC path for the file path. UNC paths always begin with \\ preceding the computer name.
    For example: \\Filesrv\UemConfig$\General


User environment settings, such as drive mappings, are correctly applied.