If DirectFlex is enabled or App-V 4.x integration is configured, user environment settings can be defined in the User Environment tab.

The following user environment settings can be configured on Flex configuration files:
Option Description
Drive Mapping Create a drive mapping.
Files and Folders Import file and folder information.
Printer Mapping Create a printer mapping.
Registry Settings Import registry settings.
Task Run a command.

The Add drop-down button is used to add user environment settings, afterwards, the details can be modified with Edit, duplicated with Duplicate, and settings can be removed with Remove.

Within a settings type, user environment settings are evaluated in the order in which they are specified. The order can be changed using the arrow buttons.

The same actions can be performed from the context menu, which also contains options to enable and disable a user environment setting.

User environment settings must have a name and can optionally also have a label. The name cannot be modified later.