You must configure App-V 4.x support, before you integrate App-V 4.x applications with User Environment Manager.


  1. Start the User Environment Manager Management Console.
  2. Click Configure and open the App-V tab.
  3. Select App-V 4.x support and configure the App-V 4.x settings.
    Option Description
    OSD files path Browse to and select the default root location for your App-V 4.x OSD files. This path is used as the starting location when browsing for an OSD file in which you want to integrate a Flex configuration file.
    FlexEngine path Enter the location of FlexEngine.exe on the computers that are using the App-V applications that you have integrated with User Environment Manager. The standard installation location is used as a default for this setting, but it might not be applicable in your environment.
    Profile archives path Enter the directory where the user profile archives are stored and read from.
    Backup path Enter the user profile archives backups directory.
  4. Click OK.

What to do next

Integrate App-V 4.x to a Flex configuration file, see Integrate App-V 4.x to a Flex Configuration File.