By default, file system access to locations outside the user profile is filtered out, because User Environment Manager does not support managing files outside the user profile. This behavior can be changed by selecting the Show Unsupported File Access setting check box in Application Profiler.

Access to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry hive is excluded, unless you select the Support HKLM setting check box. User Environment Manager only supports managing HKLM registry information when used together with application virtualization.

After this initial filtering, the exclusions are applied. For both the registry and the file system, by default, a number of paths are defined to exclude settings that are typically not application-specific. You can edit these exclusions by clicking Manage Exclusions in the Registry or File System sections on the Program Analysis tab. Whether the exclusions are in effect is controlled by selecting the Enable Registry Exclusions and Enable File Exclusions check boxes on the Settings tab.

If you select Use Deepest Registry Path, only the most specific registry paths are kept.