The first stage in configuring Helpdesk Support Tool is creating the Immidio Flex+ Helpdesk Support Tool.xml configuration file that contains the paths to the profile archives share, the profile archive backups, and the FlexEngine log files. You save this file in the root of the User Environment Manager configuration share.

You can also use the Immidio Flex+ Helpdesk Support Tool.xml file to configure multiple UNC paths. You can also configure sets of multiple paths by using labels, for example for a geographically distributed setup.


  1. Open the User Environment Manager Management Console.
  2. To configure Helpdesk Support Tool for a particular environment, switch to that environment.
  3. Click the main menu that is a star-shaped button on the top left corner.
  4. Select Configure Helpdesk Support Tool.
  5. Configure the locations of the profile archives share, the profile archive backups, and FlexEngine log files.
    1. In the Helpdesk Support Tool Configuration dialog box, click Add.
    2. Enter locations for Profile archive path, Profile archive backup path, and Log file path.
      For example, a profile archive path might look like this: \\Filesrv\UemUsers\JohnDoe\Archives
    3. For every path that you entered, select the user name, click the drop-down arrow at the right corner of the path text box, and select Insert '[UserFolder]' placeholder.
      By replacing the user name with the [UserFolder] placeholder, you indicate which part of the path is user-specific. Use the [UserFolder] placeholder as well for configuring the profile archives backups and log files location.
      For example: \\Filesrv\UemUsers\[UserFolder]\Backups
    4. Click OK to add the paths.