You can configure advanced DirectFlex settings for more fine-grained control over DirectFlex export settings and visual feedback.


  1. In the Group Policy Management Editor, double-click DirectFlex - Advanced Settings.
  2. Select Enabled.
  3. Configure DirectFlex - Advanced Settings settings.
    Option Description
    Only export at logoff By default, DirectFlex exports profile information when an application is closed. When you enable this setting, the export action runs when the user logs out.
    Note: This setting can be overridden through the DirectFlex settings in the Management Console.
    Show DirectFlex notifications Enable this option to display a message in the notification area when DirectFlex performs an import or export.
    Notification delay in seconds If the DirectFlex import or export takes less time than the configured delay, no message appears. Configure this setting to only display messages when the access to the profile archives path is slow. If the delay is set to 0, messages are shown immediately.
    Hide DirectFlex exit notification Enable this option to only show a message when DirectFlex is performing an import.