Use the Profile Archive Backups setting to configure the location where FlexEngine stores the backups of profile archives.


  1. In the Group Policy Management Editor, double-click the Profile Archive Backups setting.
  2. Select Enabled.
  3. Enter the settings for storing profile archives backups.
    Option Description
    Location for storing user profile archive backups

    Provide a unique location to store the profile archives backups for every user. For example:


    If you enter a subdirectory that does not exist, FlexEngine automatically creates a subdirectory when a user creates a backup for the first time.

    Hide backup folder Mark the specified profile archives backup folder as hidden after a path-based export.
    Number of backups per profile archive Specify the number of backups you want to create for each profile archive for each user.
    Note: You can override this setting in the Flex configuration files by setting a different value on the Backups tab in the Management Console.
    Create single backup per day Treat the number of backups as the number of days for which to keep backups. This prevents DirectFlex from overwriting backups from the previous day or older days.