You must always configure the FlexEngine logoff command to run from a logoff script. You can add the FlexEngine logoff command to an existing logoff script or call it directly as if it were a logoff script. Use User Configuration\Windows Settings\Scripts for this purpose.

Tip: The example path to FlexEngine.exe is based on the default installation directory. The default directory does not apply in the following cases.
  • You selected a different directory when you installed User Environment Manager.
  • User Environment Manager was installed as part of another installation.

    If User Environment Manager is installed in a non-default directory, adjust the path accordingly.

Configure the following logoff command that will run during the logoff process:

"C:\Program Files\Immidio\Flex Profiles\FlexEngine.exe" -s

This command reads the settings configured through the User Environment Manager Group Policy Object and performs the path-based export accordingly.

To run FlexEngine as a logoff script from a GPO, use the following settings.

Option Value
Script Name C:\Program Files\Immidio\Flex Profiles\FlexEngine.exe
Script Parameter -s