Use the Silo-Specific Flex Config Files setting to specify an additional, silo-specific path with Flex configuration files that is processed in addition to the ones configured through the Flex config files setting.


  1. In the Group Policy Management Editor, double-click Silo-Specific Flex Config Files .
  2. Select Enabled.
  3. Configure the silo-specific settings.
    Option Description
    Central location of silo-specific Flex config files

    Use a UNC path for this setting. Typically this points to a silo subfolder of the Silos folder created by the Management Console in the UEM configuration share, for example:


    Silo-specific suffix To distinguish profile archives corresponding to Flex configuration files in the configured silo-specific folder, this suffix is used as a subfolder in the configured profile archives and backup paths. If you do not set a suffix, the last component of the silo-specific Flex configuration files path is used, ts-1 in the example above.