The VMware User Environment Manager SyncTool is an optional component of User Environment Manager that does not require additional licensing. It provides capabilities for synchronizing configuration files and profile archives from User Environment Manager for users with laptops or limited network bandwidth.

SyncTool synchronizes the User Environment Manager profile archives and configuration files. SyncTool makes users independent of offline files for all files related to User Environment Manager.

Note: SyncTool synchronizes only VMware User Environment Manager files. If you need to make other data available offline, use the Windows offline files feature or another offline files product.

When using Windows Offline Files to make the home share available offline for users, use a separate location for storing the User Environment Manager profile archives, one for which Windows Offline Files support is not configured.

Working Offline Scenario

Laptop users who are not always connected to the corporate network need access to their User Environment Manager files while offline. SyncTool makes all VMware User Environment Manager files available locally and synchronizes the changes when the users connect to the corporate network.

Slow WAN or Limited Bandwidth Scenario

Users connected to the central and profile archives shares over a slow WAN connection can experience slow performance, and continuously roaming personal settings can consume too much network resources. To optimize the user experience and to limit the network traffic, all the User Environment Manager files can be used locally and only be synchronized based on configurable network thresholds.