Configure application shortcuts for the user environment.


  1. Start the VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Management Console.
  2. Open the User Environment tab.
  3. Select Shortcuts and click Create.
  4. Enter a name for the settings definition.
  5. Configure the shortcut settings.
    Option Description
    Shortcut name The name of the shortcut.
    Target The item pointed to by the shortcut. Can contain environment variables. If you browse to a shortcut on disk, the fields are filled with the shortcut properties. Browsing to App-V 4.x OSD files and App-V 5.0 packages is also supported.
    Arguments (Optional) The arguments with which the shortcut is invoked.
    Start in (Optional) The directory in which the shortcut is started.
    Run How the target window is displayed: normal, minimized, or maximized.
    Comment (Optional) The shortcut tooltip text.
    Icon path (Optional) The path to a file containing the icon to use. When a target is selected in the browse dialog box, this text box is automatically set to its path. Can contain environment variables.
    Icon index The index of the icon in the configured icon path. Must be specified if icon path is configured.
    Destination Specifies where the shortcut is created. If Programs folder is selected, an optional subfolder can be entered or selected from a drop-down menu containing the subfolders specified in other shortcuts.
    Skip if shortcut already exists (Optional) If enabled, the shortcut is not saved if it already exists. If not enabled, an existing shortcut is overwritten. This logic is applied separately for each selected destination.
    Run once (Optional) If enabled, the shortcut is only created once.
    Undo at logoff and refresh during a shortcut refresh (Optional) If enabled, the shortcut is removed when a user logs off and it is created again during a user environment refresh.
    Run asynchronously (Optional) If enabled, the shortcut creation occurs in the background. If not enabled, FlexEngine waits for the shortcut creation to finish before continuing.
    Note: You cannot use Run once and Undo at logoff at the same time.
  6. Click Save.