FlexEngine logs at the log level that is centrally configured in the FlexEngine GPO. You should not use Debug or Info in production environments, as the amount of logging information can slow down the logon and logoff process. In Helpdesk Support Tool, you can configure FlexEngine to change the log level to Debug for a particular user.


  • Configure Helpdesk Support Tool. See Configuring Helpdesk Support Tool.
  • Enable the Allow overriding the FlexEngine log level setting in the Helpdesk Support Tool Group Policy configuration.


  1. In Helpdesk Support Tool, locate the user for which you want to generate Debug logs.
  2. From the View Log drop-down menu, select a log file.
    Logs open in a separate window.
  3. Select the Forced debug logging check box.


While Forced debug logging is enabled, all FlexEngine actions for this particular user are logged at Debug level. When this option is disabled, FlexEngine actions for this user are logged at the centrally configured level.