You can configure the location and file name of the FlexEngine log file, the level of logging detail, and the maximum size of the log file.


  1. In the Group Policy Management Editor, double-click the FlexEngine Logging setting.
  2. Select Enabled.
  3. Enter the settings for FlexEngine logging.
    Option Description
    Path and name of log file

    Enter a location that is unique for each user, for example:


    If you enter a subdirectory that does not exist, FlexEngine automatically creates it when a user logs in.

    Log level Set the amount of detail that is logged. Do not use Debug or Info in production environments, because the amount of logging information might slow down the logon and logoff process.
    Maximum log file size in kB Set the maximum size of the log file. If you set a maximum log file size, the log file is created again after that size is reached. If you set the maximum size to 0, the log file grows indefinitely.
    Log total size of profile archive and profile archive backups folders FlexEngine logs the number of profile archives and profile archives backups, and their file sizes at the end of a path-based export.
    Note: You should avoid using Debug log level in production, but it is extremely helpful when troubleshooting issues.