This section provides steps to deploy the virtual VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator host using an ISO media file.


  1. On a machine (that has network access to VMware Virtual Center or VMware ESXi), download the VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator ISO image.
  2. Log in to VMware Virtual Center or the VMware ESXi web UI (https://vc_or_esxi_hostname_or_ip/ui URL).
  3. Go to the storage inventory sub-tree view and click a datastore that has sufficient space.
  4. Click Upload.

    A dialog box opens to browse your file directory. Go to the directory where the VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator ISO installer file is downloaded and select that file.

  5. Create a new virtual machine through Virtual Machines inventory sub-tree view.
    1. Click Create / Register VM and select Create a new virtual machine.
    2. Enter a unique name for the VM.
    3. Select Compatibility as ESXi 7.0 U2 virtual machine.
    4. Select Guest OS Family as Other.
    5. Select Guest OS Version as VMware ESXi 7.0 or later.
  6. Select a datastore with sufficient free space (greater than 50 GB) to deploy the VM.
  7. Select the following settings for the VM in the customization step:
    1. 4 processor cores and select the Expose hardware assisted virtualization to the guest OS checkbox (expand the CPU option if this checkbox is not visible).
    2. Specify 16384 MB memory.
    3. For Hard Disk 1, specify 60GB.
    4. For Network Adapter 1, select VM Network or similar network port group where VMs are expected to be attached (the workload network port group is different from the management network port group). (Keep the Connected checkbox enabled.)
    5. Click VM Options. Under Boot Options, disable Secure Boot.
    6. For CD/DVD Drive 1, expand the settings and perform the following steps:
      1. From the drop-down menu, select Datastore ISO file.

      2. Ensure that the Connected checkbox is enabled.

      3. Ensure that the Connect at power on checkbox is enabled.

      4. For CD/DVD Media, click Browse and go to the datastore where the VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator installer ISO file is downloaded and select that ISO file. With this configuration, when the VM boots the first time, it boots from the VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator installer ISO CD ROM.

    1. Click NEXT and FINISH.
  8. After the VM is created, power-on the VM.