Detailed instructions and requirements for adding an Aruba HP WLAN controller to VMware Edge Network Intelligence. You can add as many WLAN controllers as needed.


To add an Aruba WLAN controller to VMware Edge Network Intelligence, you need to configure a read-only user, Aruba Management (AMON) server, SNMP community or username, and SNMP trap destination. To do this you will need access to the Aruba WLAN controller and or Aruba Mobility controller.


  1. In the Aruba Controller, add a new user with read-only access to the controller. This user is used to pull additional data from the Aruba WLAN controller on a periodic basis.
  2. Create a new AMON profile on the Aruba controller with the options shown below.
  3. Create a new management server pointing to the crawlers IP address and assign it the profile you created in Step 2
  4. Create an SNMP V2 community string or a V3 username and password
  5. Create a trap receiver and point it to the crawler IP
  6. Open the feeds section of VMware Edge Network Intelligence, navigate to the controller tab, and click the add new controller and choose Aruba.
  7. Fill out the details with the information you created above.
    Figure 1. AOS 6.5.x AMON
    Aruba Controller-AOS 6.5.x AMON
    Figure 2. Aruba 8.X AMON
    Aruba Controller-Aruba 8.X AMON


Figure 3.
Aruba Controller- Feeds

What to do next

Once the crawler receives a trap message from the controller it begins SNMP gets and CLI collection from the controller. You must see that the feeds status populates in a few minutes of adding a controller.