VMware Edge Network Intelligence will begin to baseline your environment as soon as you start adding data. Within 2 days the AI engine starts creating incidents for performance issues that fall outside of your established baselines. These incidents can be scoped to a particular site or to the entire or overall organization.

VMware Edge Network Intelligence has a set of built in performance indicators that analyze your environment looking for problems that may be causing end user device issues. As the system learns about your network it will categorize these incidents into P1-P6 level incidents.
Table 1. Priority Levels



P1 - P2

Production level incidents affecting a significant portion of your users or that have a major impact on performance.


Warning level incidents that are affecting a small percentage or having a small impact on performance

The priority settings have been tuned by default but can be adjusted in the admin settings to make them more or less sensitive to baseline changes.

It is important to tune incidents on a regular basis to minimize false positives in VMware Edge Network Intelligence. Tuning incidents teaches the AI what's important and what's not important to you. Without this, there is a risk of overloading your inbox with false positives that will keep you from seeing more serious issues.