Aruba Instant does not require an external Mobility Controller to regulate and manage the Wi-Fi network. Instead, one Instant Access Point (IAP) in every network assumes the role of Virtual Controller (VC). It coordinates, stores, and distributes all the settings required to provide a centralized functionality to regulate and manage the Wi-Fi network. The Virtual Controller (VC) is the single point of configuration and firmware management. When configured, the VC sets up and manages the VPN tunnel to a mobility controller in the data center.

To set up Aruba Instant VC, perform the following steps:
  1. Log into your Aruba Instant VC portal and navigate to the System tab.
  2. Add SNMP to your Instant cluster, if it is not already available.
  3. Configure the VMware Edge Network Intelligence (ENI) Crawler IP as one of the SNMP trap receivers.
  4. Log into the VMware Edge Network Intelligence portal and go to Settings > Feeds > Controllers.
  5. Click the +Add Controller button.
  6. In the New Controller Config section, configure the following:
    • From the Manufacturer drop-down menu, select Aruba Instant.
    • Enter a name for the controller, IP address, and other fields including CLI and SNMP configurations (SNMP version, community string, username, and password.
    • Click Save.
Once you have added a controller and the controller begins to send SNMP traps. The Crawler after receiving a trap message from the controller begins SNMP gets and CLI collection from the controller. You must see that the feeds status populates in a few minutes of adding a controller.