VMware Edge Network Intelligence supports integration of Slack, which allows to alert an incident in the Slack channel setup using webhook.

To integrate a Slack channel with VMware Edge Network Intelligence:


Ensure to set up a new Slack webhook for a channel of your choice.


  1. In the navigation panel, click My Account > Admin Settings.
  2. In the Admin Settings window, click External Integration and then click the Slack tab.
  3. Click Create Slack Webhook and enter the following parameters:
    Option Description
    Name Enter a name for the Slack Configuration
    Webhook URL Enter the URL of the Slack Webhook.
  4. Click Test Configuration to test the Slack configuration.
  5. Click Create Slack Configuration to create the Slack Integration.


Once the Slack Integration is created, you can select the Incident rank level that should be automatically added to the Slack channel for each entry.