You can create a shared virtual machine in Fusion that can be accessed by all users on the local Mac host.

Unless you specify a file location for a virtual machine when you create it, Fusion saves the virtual machine package to a default location, such as the your home directory/Virtual Machines folder. See Default File Location of a Virtual Machine.

This folder has limited permissions that allow only the creator of the virtual machine to use it. To allow other users on the Mac host to access the virtual machine, save it to the /Users/Shared folder on the Mac.

With a shared virtual machine, the user can log out of the current account on the Mac host, and another user on the Mac host can log in to access the virtual machine.

The Run Windows applications from your Mac's Applications folder option is not available on shared virtual machines.

Important: Shared virtual machines in Fusion work differently than shared virtual machines in Workstation Pro. In Workstation Pro, a shared virtual machine is a virtual machine on the host system that remote Workstation Pro users can access as a remote virtual machine. In Fusion, shared virtual machines can be accessed only on the local Mac host.