Verify that you have the minimum system requirements for installing and using Fusion.

  • The following processors are supported.
    • Processors on all Macs launched in 2011 or later except for the Intel® Xeon® W3565 processor when used on the 2012 Mac Pro Quad Core
    • Processors on 2010 Mac Pro Six Core, Eight Core, and Twelve Core
  • The following Metal host graphics rendering engine requirements apply.
    • Hardware Requirements
      • MacBook, Early 2015 or later
      • MacBook Air, Mid 2012 or later
      • MacBook Pro, Mid 2012 or later
      • Mac Mini, Late 2012 or later
      • iMac, Late 2012 or later
      • Mac Pro, Late 2013 or later

        See for information about Mac support of Metal.

    • Software Requirements
      • macOS 10.12.5 or later
  • macOS 10.14 or later for the host OS.
  • Operating system installation media (disk or disk image) for virtual machines. Windows operating systems are available separately from Microsoft and other retailers.
    Important: Fusion does not provide any operating systems for installation on virtual machines that you create with Fusion. You must provide the operating system installation media.
  • 4 GB of memory, 8 GB recommended.
  • 750 MB of free disk space for Fusion, and at least 5 GB of free disk space for each virtual machine.
    Note: You must have enough memory to run macOS, plus the memory required for each guest operating system and for applications on the Mac and in the virtual machines.