If your computer prevents you from upgrading or uninstalling Fusion, you might have to use the Mac Activity Monitor to correct the problem.

In rare circumstances, the operating system in a virtual machine can quit unexpectedly in a way that leaves some virtual machine processes running. This situation can prevent you from upgrading or uninstalling Fusion. In this case, the installation or uninstallation Assistant might display a message that indicates that you cannot install or uninstall Fusion. To work around this problem, you can use the Mac Activity Monitor to force virtual machine processes to quit.


  1. In the Finder, select Applications > Utilities and double-click Activity Monitor to open the Activity Monitor.
  2. Select All Processes.
  3. In the Process Name column, select VMware Fusion.
  4. Select View > Quit Process.
  5. In the Quit Process window, select Force Quit.