Fusion 12.1.0

  • Upgraded kind CLI tool from v0.8.1 to v0.9.0.
  • Upgraded kubectl CLI from v1.18.6 to v1.19.1.
  • Changed the storage of anonymous volume data from host to crx.vmdk.
  • Added support for kind export logs command.
  • Added minikube driver docker-machine-driver-vmware.

Fusion 12.0

  • The administrator password is no longer needed to start the vctl container runtime and while using the --publish option.
  • Added enhancement to support KIND, so that KIND can use vctl container as nodes to run local Kubernetes clusters.
  • Added vctl login and vctl logout commands.
  • Added vctl inspect command to display detailed container information.
  • Added support to specify access permission (ro, rw) of the mounted volume
  • Added vctl volume prune command.