With a keyboard shortcut, you can switch some of the Fusion power command options that appear in the Virtual Machine drop-down menu and the applications menus, from the default option.

The shortcut applies to the Shut Down/Power Off and Restart/Reset power-option pairs as listed in the Virtual Machine drop-down menu and the applications menus. Pressing the Option or Alt key does not affect the power buttons in the toolbar.

For example, if your virtual machine defaults to the soft options, Shut Down and Restart, holding down either the Option key or the Alt key changes the soft options to the hard options, Power Off and Reset, respectively.

Pressing the Option or Alt key has no effect on other power options.

Note: You can also configure Fusion to permanently display the hard option or soft option of a power-option pair. Therefore, you can change Shut Down to Power Off and Restart to Reset. Later, when you access the Virtual Machine drop-down menu or an applications menu while the virtual machine is in a powered-on state, Fusion lists the Power Off option instead of the Shut Down option and the Reset option instead of the Restart option. See Configure Virtual Machine Power Options.


  1. Select Virtual Machine to display the Virtual Machine drop-down menu.
  2. Hold down the Option key (Mac keyboards) or Alt key (PC keyboards) and select an alternative power option.
    Table 1. Power Commands
    Soft Option Hard Option
    Shut Down Power Off, also called Force Shut Down
    Restart Reset, also called as Force Restart

    See Options for Fusion Power Commands for descriptions of the power commands.