When you are in Full Screen view, you can use the Full Screen Minibar to access some virtual machine controls such as state change and some Virtual Machine menu options.

In Full Screen view, the virtual machine window expands to fill the full screen, or screens if you are using multiple displays. In this view you do not see the Mac Dock. However, you can access some Virtual Machine menu options by using the Full Screen Minibar. The Full Screen Minibar contains the Fusion suspend and run button for the virtual machine, some virtual machine options, and the return to Single Window view button.


  1. Select View > Full Screen.
    The virtual machine view changes to Full Screen view and the Full Screen Minibar appears on the right side of the screen by default.
  2. Select the button in the Minibar with the gear icon and set the Full Screen Minibar behavior from the Full Screen Minibar menu.
    Option Description
    Always Show The Full Screen Minibar is always visible.
    Automatically Hide and Show For running virtual machines, the Full Screen Minibar is visible if you move the pointer over its position at the edge of the display. For virtual machines that are not running, the Full Screen Minibar always appears.
    Always Hide The Full Screen Minibar never appears. Use the Command key+Control+F keyboard shortcut to exit Full Screen view.
    Position on Screen Set where the Full Screen Minibar appears: Top, Left, Bottom, or Right edge. You can also drag and drop the Full Screen Minibar to different positions in a single display or you can drag it to another display if you have more than one display.
    Note: The Full Screen Minibar can be moved to a different side of the display by dragging.