With Fusion Pro, you can change key networking settings, add and remove virtual custom networks, create custom virtual networking configurations, and require the virtual machine to prompt for confirmation before allowing the network adapter to run in promiscuous mode. The changes that you make affect all virtual machines that connect to the custom network running on the host system.

You can create custom networks to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Add additional NAT configurations for scenarios in which a virtual machine shares the IP address and MAC address of your Mac.
  • Add additional private virtual networks to enable communication between virtual machines and the host system.

For either type of custom network, you can specify which subnet is used by Fusion and whether to connect a physical network on the host system to the custom network.

Note: While editing a custom network, do not change the MTU, Subnet IP, Subnet Mask, Enable IPv6 and the IPv6 prefix values in the Advanced Network settings page when the VMs are connected to the corresponding subnets. Disconnect the VMs before changing and applying the settings, and then reconnect the VMs.