You can open a file on your Mac with the appropriate application in one of your virtual machines.

For Windows virtual machines, you can open the Mac file with a virtual machine application as a one-time event, or you can set the application to be used whenever you open the file.


Verify that the following conditions are met:
  • You turned on Shared Folders in the Sharing panel of the virtual machine Settings window.
  • You selected a folder or folders to share.
  • The file to open is located in one of the shared folders.
  • You enabled Shared Folders in the Default Applications panel of the Settings window.


  • For a one-time event, right-click the file, select Open With, and select an application from the menu.
    Because you can find the same application across many virtual machines, the menu entry shows the name of the virtual machine and the application name.
    The file opens in the application that appears in the menu.
  • To always open with the virtual machine application, right-click the file, select Get Info and select an application from the Open with pop-up menu.
  • (Optional) Click Change All to use the application to open all files of this type.


Whenever you open this file, it launches in the application that you selected.