VMware Fusion 13.0.1 | 02 FEB 2023 | Build 21139760

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About VMware Fusion

VMware Fusion® is the easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to run Windows and other x86/ARM based operating systems on a Mac without rebooting.

For more information, see the broader VMware Fusion documentation.

System Requirements

  • Hardware

    Intel or Apple Silicon Mac models.

    • Mac models that support macOS 12 Monterey or later.

  • Software

    • macOS 12 Monterey and macOS 13 Ventura.

What's New

  • This release contains bug fixes.

Prior Releases

Features and Known Issues from prior releases of VMware Fusion 12 are described in the release notes for each release. To view the release notes for a prior release, click the appropriate link:

Resolved Issues

  • Unable to create or import a boot camp partition

    When you try to create or import a boot camp partition as a virtual machine, Fusion fails to create or import the boot camp partition with the following error:

    Could not create the virtual disk for your Boot Camp virtual machine.

    This issue is resolved.

  • In Fusion, the menu options appear in multiple languages

    If you use a localized user interface in Fusion 13, some of the options in the Fusion menu might appear in English.

    This issue is resolved.

  • When VPN with NAT is enabled on macOS Monterey host, the guest operating system cannot connect to the internet

    When you configure NAT on a macOS Monterey host and enable VPN, the guest operating system is disconnected from the internet. The activity monitor on the mac host shows 100% CPU usage for vmware-vmx and vmnet-natd processes while the guest operating system is disconnected from the network.

    This issue is resolved

  • The virtual machine shows network issues with macOS Ventura as the guest operating system

    When you install macOS Ventura as the guest operating system, the system reboots or the guest operating system is unable to connect to a network.

    This issue is resolved.

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