You can add, remove, and resize virtual hard disks.

If you want to add more disk space to your virtual machine, you can resize your existing virtual hard disk, or add a separate, additional hard disk.

Note: Having manual or AutoProtect snapshots in your virtual machine prevents you from making changes to a virtual hard disk. You must delete the snapshots before you can make a change.

Changing the Bus Type of the Virtual Hard Disk

Caution: In the following situations, after you select a bus type for a virtual hard disk, do not change the bus type.
  • On a system boot disk with the operating system installed

    Some operating systems are incapable of changing the storage controller of the boot device.

  • A virtual machine created using Easy Install

    When you select Customize Settings at the end of an Easy Install configuration and change the hard disk to a non-default bus type, the operating system might fail.