In rare cases, a USB device disconnects itself before Fusion can recognize it.


When you plug in a USB device, the Fusion EasyConnect dialog box appears, but disappears before you have an opportunity to take an action. The USB device is then not visible to either your Mac or your virtual machine.


Some USB devices disconnect very quickly if they do not receive an immediate response upon connection. Occasionally, Fusion USB EasyConnect does not produce a response in the time required by these USB devices.

To work around this problem, you must configure the virtual machine so that Fusion connects unknown devices without first having to ask about the type of connection.


  1. Shut down or power off the virtual machine.
  2. Select Window > Virtual Machine Library.
  3. Select a virtual machine in the Virtual Machine Library window and click Settings.
  4. Under Removable Devices in the Settings window, click USB & Bluetooth.
  5. Under Advanced USB options, if the first option is set to Ask what to do, change the setting to Connect to this virtual machine or Connect to your Mac.
  6. Start up the virtual machine.
    Plugging in a USB device results in it being connected to the virtual machine or Mac, depending on your setting, without going through the USB EasyConnect dialog. The device is also visible to the Fusion interface, so you can see it in Settings > USB & Bluetooth.