With VMware Fusion, when a Linux virtual machine has an SSH service enabled, you can configure quick SSH login to the virtual machine. The configuration enables SSH login from the Mac host to a Linux virtual machine in the Virtual Machine Library. The virtual machine can be running on the Mac host or on a remote server running VMware Workstation Pro, VMware ESXi, or VMware vCenter Server.

By configuring SSH login, you provide yourself with easy and secure SSH access to the Linux virtual machine now and at anytime in the future. You can then use a terminal window to access the Linux virtual machine, where you can view files, transfer data, and run the commands available on the Linux operating system.

You can use an SSH command to log into a Linux virtual machine instead of using Fusion to configure SSH login on the virtual machine. However, each time you use an SSH command you must provide the IP address of the virtual machine and your user name and password.



  1. Select Window > Virtual Machine Library.
  2. Control-click or right-click the thumbnail of the Linux virtual machine and click Connect to SSH in the drop-down menu.
  3. Complete the form and click Connect.
    Option Description
    Username Enter the user name of the virtual machine.
    Password Enter the password of the virtual machine.

    If 22, the default SSH service port number, is not correct for the Linux virtual machine you are configuring, enter the correct port number.

    The default number might be incorrect. For example, previously, using a terminal window in the virtual machine, you reconfigured the SSH port number.

    Remember password To enable Fusion to provide the virtual machine password when you make an SSH login attempt, select this option.


A terminal window opens on the Mac host desktop and SSH connects to the virtual machine. With the terminal window open and connected to the Linux virtual machine, you now have command-line access to the Linux virtual machine.

What to do next

In the future, to open an SSH connection from the Mac host to the Linux virtual machine, in the Fusion Virtual Machine Library, select the Connect to SSH option for the Linux virtual machine.