When a virtual machine is running, you can select whether a USB device connects to your Mac or to your virtual machine when you plug the device in.

With Fusion, you can select what system a USB device connects to when you plug it in. You can also set that choice as the default connection whenever you attach that device in the future.


Fusion must be open, with a virtual machine powered on.


  1. Plug the USB device into your Mac.
    The selection dialog box appears. If no dialog box appears, you already set a default connection for this device in the USB settings panel.
  2. (Optional) To make your connection selection the default for this device in the future, select Remember my choice and do not ask again.
    You can change this default at any time in the USB & Bluetooth settings panel.
  3. Select the system to which you want to connect the device.
    The action you take depends on how many virtual machines are open.
    Option Description
    If you have one virtual machine powered on Select Connect to Mac or Connect to OS of your open virtual machine.
    If you have two or more virtual machines powered on In the pop-up menu, select Connect to your Mac or Connect to virtual machine name for the selected virtual machine. Click OK.