Because virtual machines are files, you can back them up by making a copy.

Although virtual machines run other programs and manipulate files, they are still files themselves. Because of this, you can back them up by making a copy to external media and restore the virtual machines by copying back.


You cannot copy a Boot Camp virtual machine, because instead of having a virtual hard disk, the Fusion virtual machine uses the Boot Camp partition.


Shut down or power off the virtual machine and shut down Fusion.


  1. Connect to the media to which you will be copying the virtual machine.
  2. Browse to the Virtual Machines folder (usually in your user/Documents folder) and select the virtual machine to copy.
  3. Right-click and select Copy "virtual machine name".
  4. Open the external media in the Finder, right-click and select Paste Item.


The contents of the virtual machine package is copied to the external media. You can reverse the process to restore the copied virtual machine to your Mac.