With Fusion Pro, you can add additional NAT configurations for scenarios in which a virtual machine shares the IP address and MAC address of your Mac.

By default, Fusion provides one Share with my Mac configuration that uses NAT. You can add additional NAT configurations to perform actions such as turning off the DHCP service or using a subnet IP or subnet mask other than the default.


  • Verify that you have a Fusion Pro license.

  • Verify that you know the administrator password.


  1. Select VMware Fusion > Preferences and click Network.
  2. Click the lock icon, type the administrator password, and click OK.
  3. Click the plus sign (+) under the list of networks.
  4. Select Allow virtual machines on this network to connect to external networks (using NAT).
  5. (Optional) Click the check box to Enable IPv6 and enter the IPv6 Prefix in the text box.
  6. (Optional) To connect a physical network on the host system to this private network, select Connect the host Mac to this network.
  7. (Optional) To use a local DHCP service to distribute IP addresses to virtual machines on the network, select Provide addresses on this network via DHCP.
  8. (Optional) To change the subnet IP address or subnet mask, modify the addresses in the Subnet IP and Subnet Mask text boxes.
  9. Click Apply.


The network that you configured is now available to the virtual network adapters associated with virtual machines on your Mac.