If you have problems with enhanced graphics display or mouse actions or with features that depend on VMware Tools, you might need to repair or modify installed modules.

Before you begin

  • Power on the virtual machine.

  • Log in to the guest operating system.

About this task

Occasionally, some new modules are not installed during a VMware Tools upgrade. You can manually install new modules by modifying installed modules.


Do not use the guest operating system’s Add/Remove Programs item in the Windows Control Panel to repair or modify VMware Tools.


  1. On the host, from the VMware Fusion menu bar, select Virtual Machine > Install VMware Tools.

    If an earlier version of VMware Tools is installed, the menu item is Update VMware Tools.

  2. If autorun is not enabled for the CD-ROM drive, to manually launch the VMware Tools installation wizard, click Start > Run and enter D:\setup.exe, where D: is your first virtual CD-ROM drive.
  3. On the Welcome page of the wizard, click Next.
  4. Specify whether to repair or modify the modules.
    • Click Repair to repair the files, registry settings, and so on of components that are already installed.

    • Click Modify to specify which modules are installed.

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

What to do next

If features still do not work, uninstall VMware Tools and reinstall.