This topic provides a conceptual overview of VMware GemFire Vector Database, an extension for VMware GemFire.

VMware GemFire, renowned for its distributed caching and data management capabilities, extends its functionality to serve as a robust foundation for a vector database. Leveraging GemFire’s distributed architecture, the VMware GemFire Vector Database extension harnesses the power of in-memory computing to efficiently store and manipulate vector data structures.

By encapsulating vectors within GemFire’s data grid, GemFire Vector Database enables seamless parallel processing, high-speed querying, and scalability for handling vast collections of vectors. This integration ensures lightning-fast access to vectors across distributed nodes. Additionally, it facilitates advanced analytics, machine learning, and real-time applications by providing a high-performance, horizontally scalable vector database powered by GemFire’s resilient and distributed infrastructure.

The VMware GemFire Vector Database extension exposes REST endpoints to allow users to create indexes, upload vectors and associated metadata, and query based on similarity.

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