This topic explains how to configure multi-site (WAN) event queues in VMware Tanzu GemFire.

In a multi-site (WAN) installation, Tanzu GemFire uses gateway sender queues to distribute events for regions that are configured with a gateway sender. AsyncEventListeners also use an asynchronous event queue to distribute events for configured regions. This section describes additional options for configuring the event queues that are used by gateway senders or AsyncEventListener implementations.

Before you begin, set up your multi-site (WAN) installation or configure asynchronous event queues and AsyncEventListener implementations. See Configuring a Multi-site (WAN) System or Implementing an AsyncEventListener for Write-Behind Cache Event Handling.

  • Persisting an Event Queue

    You can configure a gateway sender queue or an asynchronous event queue to persist data to disk similar to the way in which replicated regions are persisted.

  • Configuring Dispatcher Threads and Order Policy for Event Distribution

    By default, Tanzu GemFire uses multiple dispatcher threads to process region events simultaneously in a gateway sender queue for distribution between sites, or in an asynchronous event queue for distributing events for write-behind caching. With serial queues, you can also configure the ordering policy for dispatching those events.

  • Conflating Events in a Queue

    Conflating a queue improves distribution performance. When conflation is enabled, only the latest queued value is sent for a particular key.

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