This topic provides code samples for creating query indexes in VMware Tanzu GemFire.

// Key index samples. The field does not have to be present.
createKeyIndex("pkidIndex","p.pkid1","/root/exampleRegion p");
// Simple index
createIndex("pkidIndex","p.pkid","/root/exampleRegion p");
createIndex("i", "p.status", "/exampleRegion p")
createIndex("i", "p.ID", "/exampleRegion p")
createIndex("i", "p.position1.secId", "/exampleRegion p"
// On Set type
 createIndex("setIndex","s","/root/exampleRegion p, p.sp s");
// Positions is a map
createIndex("secIdIndex","b.secId","/portfolios pf, pf.positions.values b");

createIndex("i", "pf.collectionHolderMap[(pf.Id).toString()].arr[pf.ID]", "/exampleRegion pf")
createIndex("i", "pf.ID", "/exampleRegion pf", "pf.positions.values pos")
createIndex("i", "pos.secId", "/exampleRegion pf", "pf.positions.values pos")
createIndex("i", "e.value.getID()", "/exampleRegion.entrySet e")
createIndex("i", "e.value.ID", "/exampleRegion.entrySet e")

createIndex("i", "entries.value.getID", "/exampleRegion.entrySet() entries")
createIndex("i", "ks.toString", "/exampleRegion.getKeys() ks")
createIndex("i", "key.status", "/exampleRegion.keys key")
createIndex("i", "secIds.length", "/exampleRegion p, p.secIds secIds")
createIndex("i", "secId", "/portfolios.asList[1].positions.values")
createIndex("i", "secId", "/portfolios['1'].positions.valules")

//Index on Map types
createIndex("i", "p.positions['key1']", "/exampleRegion p")
createIndex("i", "p.positions['key1','key2',key3',key7']", "/exampleRegion p")
createIndex("i", "p.positions[*]", "/exampleRegion p")

The following are some sample queries on indexes.

SELECT * FROM (SELECT * FROM /R2 m) r2, (SELECT * FROM  /exampleRegion e WHERE e.pkid IN r2.sp) p

SELECT * FROM (SELECT * FROM /R2 m WHERE m.ID IN SET (1, 5, 10)) r2, 
     (SELECT * FROM  /exampleRegion e WHERE e.pkid IN  r2.sp) p

//examples using position index in the collection
SELECT * FROM /exampleRegion p WHERE p.names[0] = 'aaa'

SELECT * FROM /exampleRegion p WHERE p.position3[1].portfolioId = 2

SELECT DISTINCT positions.values.toArray[0], positions.values.toArray[0], status 
FROM /exampleRegion
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