This topic links to documentation about region data storage and distribution in VMware Tanzu GemFire.

The Tanzu GemFire data storage and distribution models put your data in the right place at the right time. The following topics provide information about the options for data storage in Tanzu GemFire.

  • Storage and Distribution Options

    Tanzu GemFire provides several models for data storage and distribution, including partitioned or replicated regions as well as distributed or non-distributed regions (local cache storage).

  • Region Types

    Region types define region behavior within a single cluster. You have various options for region data storage and distribution.

  • Region Data Policies

    Lists and describes the region data policies in VMware GemFire.

  • Region Data Stores and Data Accessors

    Understand the difference between members that store data for a region and members that act only as data accessors to the region.

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