Basic Configuration and Programming describes how to configure cluster and cache properties for your VMware GemFire installation. For your applications, it provides guidance for writing code to manage your cache and cluster connection, data regions, and data entries, including custom classes.

  • Cluster and Cache Configuration

    To work with your VMware GemFire applications, you use a combination of configuration files and application code.

  • Cache Management

    The VMware GemFire cache is the entry point to VMware GemFire caching management. VMware GemFire provides different APIs and XML configuration models to support the behaviors of different members.

  • Data Regions

    The region is the core building block of the VMware GemFire cluster. All cached data is organized into data regions and you do all of your data puts, gets, and querying activities against them.

  • Data Entries

    The data entry is the key/value pair where you store your data. You can manage your entries individually and in batches. To use domain objects for your entry values and keys, you need to follow VMware GemFire requirements for data storage and distribution.

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