This section summarizes all available VMware GemFire REST API resources and endpoints.

Note: This documentation covers the v1 release of VMware GemFire REST APIs for developing applications.

  • Region Endpoints

    A VMware GemFire region is how VMware GemFire logically groups data within its cache. Regions stores data as entries, which are key-value pairs. Using the REST APIs you can read, add (or update), and delete region data.

  • Query Endpoints

    VMware GemFire uses a query syntax based on OQL (Object Query Language) to query region data. Since VMware GemFire regions are key-value stores, values can range from simple byte arrays to complex nested objects.

  • Function Endpoints

    VMware GemFire functions allows you to write and execute server-side transactions and data operations. These may include anything ranging from initializing components or third-party services or aggregating data.

  • Administrative Endpoints

    Administrative endpoints provide management and monitoring functionality for the REST API interface.

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