VMware GemFire Pulse is a Web Application that provides a graphical dashboard for monitoring vital, real-time health and performance of VMware GemFire clusters, members, and regions.

Use Pulse to examine total memory, CPU, and disk space used by members, uptime statistics, client connections, WAN connections, and critical notifications. Pulse communicates with a VMware GemFire JMX manager to provide a complete view of your VMware GemFire deployment. You can drill down from a high-level cluster view to examine individual members and even regions within a member, to filter the type of information and level of detail.

By default, VMware GemFire Pulse runs in an embedded container within a VMware GemFire JMX manager node. You can optionally deploy Pulse to a Web application server of your choice, so that the tool runs independently of your VMware GemFire clusters. Hosting Pulse on an application server also enables you to use SSL for accessing the application.

  • Pulse System Requirements

    Verify that your system meets the installation and runtime requirements for GemFire Pulse.

  • Running Pulse in Embedded Mode (Quick Start)

    Use Pulse in embedded mode to monitor a VMware GemFire deployment directly from a VMware GemFire JMX Manager. By default, the embedded Pulse application connects to the local JMX Manager that hosts the Pulse application. Optionally, configure Pulse to connect to a VMware GemFire system of your choice.

  • Hosting Pulse on a Web Application Server

    Host Pulse on a dedicated Web application server to make the Pulse application available at a consistent address, or to use SSL for accessing the Pulse application. When you host Pulse in this way, you also configure Pulse to connect to a specific locator or JMX Manager node for monitoring.

  • Configuring Pulse Authentication

    Pulse requires all users to authenticate themselves before they can use the Pulse Web application. If you have configured JMX authentication on the VMware GemFire JMX Manager node, the Pulse Web application itself may also need to authenticate itself to the VMware GemFire JMX Manager node on startup.

  • Using Pulse Views

    Pulse provides a variety of different views to help you monitor VMware GemFire clusters, members, and regions.

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