Updated on: 18 MAY 2021

VMware Global Network Identities 1.0.0 Release Notes | 18 MAY 2021 | Build 1234567

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What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

What’s New

VMware Global Network Identities (GNI) 1.0.0 introduces a new network services platform that provides unified visibility, control, and governance of network identifiers. It offers connectors to orchestrate DNS, DHCP, IPAM capabilities in an existing enterprise, public cloud, and managed solutions. It simplifies the management of network identities and provides a framework to implement zero-trust.

  • Offers a library of connectors to orchestrate DNS, DHCP, IPAM capabilities in an existing enterprise, public cloud, and managed solutions.
  • Provides automation via a single control point that ties into existing business processes and workflows.
  • Simplifies creation and management of network identities and provides a common resource framework to implement enterprise-wide zero-trust security.

VMware Global Network Identities introduces the following new core features.

  • Resource manager – Customizable resource management system with flexible structures, fields, permissions, and workflow integration – all driven by API. Create a global source of truth for network identifiers from VMs to cloud to Branches all in one place. Provides a common resource framework to help with the implementation of enterprise-wide zero-trust security.
  • Global permissions structure – For each object, you have the ability to create groups and user accounts, but you can also set permissions down to each object.
  • IPAM – Complete IPv4/IPv6 support that can handle everything from subnet allocation management to host-level assignments to devices, comes with import tools to get up and running quickly. Support for advanced field validation and features like IPv6 Sparse Allocation, VRFs, and VLANs.
  • DNS Controller – Multiple DNS servers with different DNS technologies and users? No Problem! We integrate out of the box with a variety of DNS providers and platforms which gives you the flexibility to work with your current infrastructure “as is” and ease DNS migration(s) in the future as needed. With DNS Groups, you have easy support for duplicate zones and even the most complicated DNS environments. Offers built-in support for role-based permissions and Approval workflows at the DNS Group, DNS Zone, and DNS Record level.
  • DHCP Controller – One-stop configuration management for DHCP scopes. All available via API or UI for easy integration and use by provisioning teams.
  • REST API – An API first approach, means simple integration into current environments without sacrificing support for future environments. No more having to question if the feature in the UI has an API.

Compatibility and System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

  Minimum Recommended
Processor     Dual-core Xeon class processor or equivalent Quad-core Xeon    
Storage 20 GB 100GB

Software Requirements

  Required Link
Operating System Linux/BSD/OSX             
Apache Apache 2.4 http://httpd.apache.org/
PHP PHP 7.1.x http://php.net/downloads.php    
MySQL MySQL 5.7 http://www.mysql.com/downloads/

Port Requirements

Open outbound ports 443 and port 80.

The GNI DNS Module also supports zone checks on attached DNS Server(s) as an external user. Port 53 will need to be open and usable for GNI to query the servers. If not, zone error checking and verification will not work as intended.

Depending on the Connectors in use, there may be other port requirements needed. Port 22 (SSH) is used extensively for control of downstream devices.

Known Issues

  • SNMP at the GNI application level is not completely supported at this time
  • vRA plugin – Version 7.x compatibility is currently the only version available
  • IM-3997 - Export to CSV functionality for complex Resource Lists may not be complete/truncated
  • IM-3996 - Admin - Data Import - Import from RIR - button spacing is too tight, needs to be updated
  • IM-3995 - DNS - Server setup - PowerDNS/BIND setup text reference needs to be relabeled
  • IM-3992 - Resources - Chart View - full screen has some spacing issues in the view window
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