The installation procedure creates a software installation directory for Greenplum Command Center. This directory is copied to all hosts in the Greenplum Cluster. Versions of Greenplum Database that are compatible with Greenplum Command Center include pre-packaged files that support the Command Center real-time metrics and workload management features.

Software Installation Directory

The following files and first-level subdirectories are copied into the installation directory you specify when you install Greenplum Command Center. This location can be referenced with the $GPCC_HOME environment variable when you have set the Command Center environment.

  • – file containing environment variables for Greenplum Command Center
  • bin/ – program files for Greenplum Command Center
    • gpcc-agent - real-time query metrics collection agent
    • gpccws - the Greenplum Command Center web server
    • static/ - static files for the Command Center application
  • ccdata/ - temporary work files
  • conf/
    • app.conf - configuration file for the Command Center web server
  • logs/ - log files for each of the Command Center components
  • open_source_licenses_GPCC.txt – licenses for open source components used by Greenplum Command Center
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