Configuration parameters for Tanzu Greenplum Command Center are stored in the following files on the Greenplum Database Master host:

$GPCC_HOME/conf/app.conf This file stores configuration parameters for the Command Center Console and web server. $MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY/gpperfmon/conf/gpperfmon.conf This file stores configuration parameters for the gpperfmon agents. $MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY/postgresql.conf This stores configuration parameters that enable and configure the gpperfmon agents for Greenplum Database.

Any system user with write permissions to these directories can edit these configuration files. After editing any of these files, apply the configuration changes by restarting Command Center.

$ gpcc --start

Command Center Parameters (app.conf)

The app.conf file includes the following web application parameters:

allow_trust_logon Determines whether to allow access to the Greenplum Command Center console for any user listed in the pg_hba.conf file using the trust authentication method. When set to yes, trusted database users are allowed to login to Command Center without a password. By default, this parameter is commented out. See the Greenplum Database Administrator Guide for more information about the pg_hba.conf file.

server_name Specifies the name displayed on the login page of the Greenplum Command Center Console. This value can be any name you want to display to users, expressed as a text string. This parameter defaults to the name you specified when setting up the Command Center Console.

master_port Specifies the port number of the Greenplum Database master that this Command Center is monitoring.

wlm_query_cooldown_time Specifies the wait time, in seconds, for retrying a failed workload management rule (canceling a query or moving a query to another resource group). Command Center makes 2 retry attempts for failed rules, after waiting the configured amount of time. The default is 15 seconds.

wlm_short_query_threshold Specifies the minimum number of seconds that a query must run before Command Center applies the action of a matching workload management rule. Use this parameter to prevent Command Center from applying rule actions to short-running queries. The default is 45 seconds.

Gpperfmon Agent Parameters

The $MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY/gpperfmon/conf/gpperfmon.conf file on the Greenplum Database master host stores configuration parameters for the gpperfmon agents, gpmmon and gpsmon. After editing this file, save gpperfmon.conf and then restart Greenplum Database:

$ gpstop -r

quantum Specifies the time in seconds between updates from the gpperfmon agents on all segments. Valid values are 10, 15, 20, 30, and 60. Defaults to 15 seconds.

If you want a less granular view of performance, or you want to collect and analyze minimal amounts of data for system metrics, specify a higher quantum. To collect data more frequently, enter a lower value.

min_query_time Specifies the minimum query run time in seconds for statistics collection. The gpperfmon agents log all queries that run longer than this value in the queries_history table. For queries with shorter run times, no historical data is collected. Defaults to 20 seconds.

If you want to collect data for all queries, set this parameter to a low value. Setting the minimum query run time to zero, however, collects data even for the numerous queries run by Command Center itself, creating a large amount of data that might not be useful.

log_location Specifies a directory location for Command Center log files. Default is $MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY/gpperfmon/logs.

max_log_size This parameter is not included in the 'gpperfmon.conf' file, but it can be added to this file for use with Greenplum Command Center.

To prevent the log files from becoming excessive in size, you can add the max_log_size parameter to gpperfmon.conf. The value of this parameter is measured in bytes. For example:

max_log_size = 10485760

With this setting, the log files will grow to 10MB before the system starts a new log file.

partition_age The number of months that Greenplum Command Center statistics data will be retained. The default is 0, which means do not drop any data.

smdw_aliases This parameter allows you to specify additional host names for the standby master. For example, if the standby master has two NICs, you can enter:


This optional fault tolerance parameter is useful if the Command Center loses connectivity with the standby master. Instead of continuously retrying to connect to host smdw, it will try to connect to the NIC-based aliases of smdw-1 and/or smdw-2. This ensures that the Command Center Console can continuously poll and monitor the standby master.

Greenplum Command Center Console Parameters

These parameters only apply to the Greenplum Data Computing Appliance platform.

The Command Center Console has a configuration file located at $GPCC_HOME/conf/app.conf.

After editing this file, reload the configuration by restarting the Command Center:

$ gpcc --stop
$ gpcc --start

Greenplum Database Server Configuration Parameters

The following parameters must be uncommented and set in the server configuration file (postgresql.conf) in order to enable the gpperfmon data collection agents. With the exception of gp_enable_gpperfmon, these parameters are set in the master postgresql.conf file only. Restart Greenplum Database to apply any changes you make to this file.

gp_enable_gpperfmon Enables the Command Center data collection agent for a segment. It must be set in all postgresql.conf files (master and all segments).

gpperfmon_port Specifies the port for the Command Center agents is (default is 8888).

gp_gpperfmon_send_interval Sets the frequency in seconds that the Greenplum Database server processes send query execution updates to the Command Center agent processes.

gp_external_enable_exec This parameter is enabled by default and must remain enabled. It allows the use of external tables that execute OS commands or scripts on the segment hosts. The Command Center agents use this type of external table to collect current system metrics from the segments.

gpperfmon_log_alert_level Controls which message levels are written to the gpperfmon log. Each level includes all the levels that follow it. The later the level, the fewer messages are sent to the log. The default value is warning.

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